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Custom Header image disappeared

  1. Yesterday i put a custom header image on my default theme and it was working fine. But for now it returned to the default header and i am not having successful to change it again. The image appears on the settings but not on blog.

    What´s happening?

  2. Mine's gone too.

    EDIT: Oops, there are other threads on this already! This post was a trap! ;)

  3. It is something that the staff know about and are working on fixing now. Shouldn't be too long ;)


  4. Custom headers for Kubrick have been fixed. This was the only theme affected by this problem.

  5. My custom header picture is gone too. And all the contributions to the blogroll and pages are gone too. Theo

  6. @theo48
    Please leave a link to your blog. Are you using the Kubrick theme too? If not which theme are you using?

  7. Well, I THINK I use the Kubrick theme. But I cannot find it in the Themes pages at all right now!

  8. Oh, now I see the image is back! But the contributions to blogroll + pages are still gone!

  9. Please post a link to your blog theo48.

  10. Staff are aware and trying to fix those issues right now theo48.



  12. OK. Thanks! Go on & good luck!

  13. Header image of my blog is disappeared from my blog's header.
    now header is plain white but title is visible.
    how can be header image visible?

  14. I'm using the WordPress default theme and my header is gone too. I tried uploading it again but the old title was showing on top of the image instead of behind it. Please fix, thanks!

  15. My custom header on the Day Dream theme suddenly disappeared a few minutes ago. I can restore the original blue header, but have had no success uploading my custom image, despite several tries. It says it's there after I upload and save, but it's just blank, except for the text.

    This happened suddenly when I went to publish a short post. The post made it, but the image was gone. The same thing happened to my other Day Dream blogs, grumpytiger and grumpypanther, but I haven't posted to them or even looked at them today until after the grumpylion image disappeared.

  16. my custom image header was in and out all day yesterday and has disappeared today. the theme I'm using is K2 lite.

  17. lettershometoyou

    Eeek - mine's gone too.

  18. I'm also having this problem. I used the Benevolence theme and changed the header, now my custom image header keeps disappearing after a while. What's happening? My blog is

  19. Thanks for posting your details here. Staff is on the job. They monitor forum threads and will get to your blog as soon as they can.


    The header image I upload disappears about once a day. I am using the Freshy theme.


  21. sdsucirculation

    I am also trying to upload a custom header, but it doesn't show up. I am using the PressRow theme. I can see the picture, crop it and publish it, but it becomes blank when I go to view it.

  22. @ricgerace

    I see your custom header.


    Your header should not disappear anymore.


    I fixed your header image.


    I'm using Digg 3 Column. The header pic disappeared, plus all the items in my extra pages; only the posts on my front page were there. When I go to write to edit the page, everything is there. I click on 'Save' without changing anything and everthing comes back except the header.

  24. Another person with disappearing custom header images here. Happened the second time now.

  25. @mooshikam
    Please post the url for your blog so staff can locate it and help you. :)

  26. I would really just use the Support button on your dashboard. It goes directly to staff, and unlike MOST of the time, it's open right now.

  27. @raincoaster
    Staff are faithfully monitoring these threads and are fixing blogs as they go. I see the evidence of this here before my very eyes. IMO it's not necessary to flood staff with support requests that only occupying time with reading rather than fixing. From what I can see generating more support tickets does not lead to getting faster repair service from Barry and Joseph.

  28. Hey, they have asked for details to be sent to them directly in the past. I'm not aware of that changing.

  29. I noticed a change on the weekend.

  30. It depends on the problem and information required, but staff generally will chime in on important threads and tell users what they want them to do. Recent roll in of code has them asking users for details in the thread itself. It requires us to read the posts to find out what they would like.


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