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Custom Header image disappeared

  1. My header image is disappearing intermittently as well. My address is:
    I am using the Connections theme.

  2. My Header image has also disappeared. I am using Contempt 1.0.

  3. My header image dissappeared. I uploaded another one, which worked fine. Now I changed the CSS code slightly (adding sans-serief instead of serif) and it does not want to pick up ANY header image any more. I wond what is happening. I tried to restore the original CSS from another one of my blogs but could not. Is it possible to al least restore the original CSS? And why does this happen with the header image after changing the letter type?

  4. Once you change the CSS, then you have to enter the header image URL into the CSS at the appropriate place. The "upload new header image" option in the dashboard will not work once the CSS has been modified.

  5. What is the appropriate place ?

  6. Hey, and what is the sacred path ? :-)

  7. You will have to go to manage uploads in your dashboard and find out the URL of the header image you want to use. Click on the image and a box will appear with the URL in the top line. Paste that URL into your custom CSS in the section that has to do with the header. I'm just starting with CSS, so I can't tell you exactly where that is in the CSS, or what it would look like.

  8. Just the name of my blog, just like yours is waterlog.

  9. Should be somewhere in here±
    #feedarea dl dd {
    background:url('img/icon_feed.gif') no-repeat left center;

    #headerimage {
    background:#fff url('img/misty.jpg') no-repeat 0 0;

    But I can find that out today.

  10. Nice blog!

  11. @brechtje
    Thanks for the complement.

    Do as I suggested and check under manage uploads, find your header and click on it and then replace "img/misty.jpg" with the URL for your header file and you should be on your way.

  12. Hm... not yet. Should it be a GIF ?

  13. It works! Thanks! You really need the whole URL, not only the mage (xyz.jpg).

  14. You're very welcome. I was pretty sure you needed the entire path. Happy blogging!

  15. Nice header by the way.

  16. I have the same problem. Header shows up in Safari, not Firefox. Have not tried Explorer. I went in and added the #header bla bla !important in the custom css to no avail. I run another blog with an older version of WP and K2 and it works fine. Any suggestions?

  17. @Spinchick
    The blog you have listed is not hosted at, but is a self-hosted blog using the software downloaded from uses a different multi-user version of the software. You need to be asking your question over at

  18. Hi, I change some CSS in my Theme (Pool 1.0.7) and of course, the image of the head using the dashboard. But the same of other people, the image disappear. Please, somebody have an idea to fix this?????
    Thanks and nice blog!

  19. Mine has been gone for several hours! It's been there for 8 months & I didn't change anything.

  20. I see a city skyline very clearly on your Cutline theme blog. I'm using firefox so I'm wondering which browser and version of it you are using.

  21. @silsblog
    I see the header as well. If you have "snap preview" enabled, try turning it off – dashboard > presentation > extras – and then click "update extras".

    /nod to TT for reminding me

  22. The header is missing on Firefox/ this evening, and also on a later version I checked earlier today. And nothing showing up on Explorer 7.0 either. Turning off Snap doesn't bring it back. Been gone for about 7 hrs now. Any other ideas? Thanks.

  23. @silsblog
    I would contact support about it and include the name of the header image and explain what is going on. Also include what operating system and browsers you are using. There still seems to be a few experiencing this problem and I'm pretty sure staff will have to deal with it. . They will be open for another couple hours.

    One good point is that I am virtually certain everyone else can see your header. I've viewed it with Safari and Firefox, both while I was logged in and while I was logged out.

    [edit: by the way, does the image show up under manage > uploads?]

  24. Mine is gone, too, in Firefox ( I see it in IE. Feedback sent

    Edit - I tried disabling and re-enabling Snap and it worked for me.

  25. @vivianpaige
    Contact support at and include the file name of your header.

    [edit: I see a beach scene header, early evening or morning. I'm reasonably certain others can see it as well.]

  26. hi, just another user with a header that's gone missing.... I have tried changing the image, etc. but it still doesn't work. The theme i am using is Contempt. My image works in other themes....

  27. Only the last header mentioned is actally gone. The rest is there. I see them all but one...

    Edit: this one is gone too:

  28. I just checked and see only a blue rectangle at the top of your page (in firefox and Safari). Do your images show up under manage > uploads? I would suggest contacting support when they open tomorrow morning . Provide them with the header image file name and a link to your blog.

    Staff do monitor the forums so there is a possibility it will be looked into tonight, but no guarantees.

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