Custom Header Image Missing from Quintus Theme

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    My custom header image has been working fine until it suddenly disappeared today and is replaced by what looks like black denim. I have no CSS upgrades and haven’t done anything to change it. I did try re-uploading the image—no change. The theme is quintus the url is

    The blog I need help with is



    My custom header image has been working fine until it suddenly disappeared today and is replaced by what looks like black denim. I did try re-uploading the image—no change.

    My blog is

    Pls help.
    Thank you


    Having very similar problems with Quintus. My black title font is now enclosed within a black box, making the title text invisible and covering up the better part of the header image.



    Have you bloggers tried checking here > Appearance > Header to see what is displayed?
    Have you also tried setting your same header image again?

    I’ll tag this thread for Themes Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    My custom header in the the Quintus theme, which I’ve been using for a long time (years!) isn’t visible anymore. I already cleared my browser cookies, tried to delete the header and uploaded it again. I noticed that it only will show if I activate the header text. But doing so will overlay the picture with the text. Please help! I’m blogging for many years now and since I’m very satisfied with WP so far I want to continue with it for many further years to come.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have the Greyzed theme and I cannot seem to access the Customize header option. Since the new update the button under “Appearance is unlocatable.


    The same thing happened to me today! My beautiful header (Quintus theme) now has a black block behind the text which is covering up my header photo. It looks terrible!
    I have tried everything to remove this with no success. I have not changed the format and don’t understand why this appeared.
    Thank you!

    My website is



    Same here! Black covering my custom header of theme Quintus.



    Same thing with my blog – I had selected “text colour black” and suddenly it only shows a black rectangle. Normally with text colour black you don’t get the black box background. If I un-click “show text with header image” it all goes black incl. image box…



    Same with me.
    Where is my nice French village gone?



    Same problem here.

    Custom header image not displaying. Reloaded it, still not displaying. Page showing black box instead.

    Please fix, asap.



    I’ve just reported the issue to our theme developers to fix. I’ll keep you informed.

    Thank you!



    Hi there,

    I’m sorry about the missing header in Quintus. I updated the header markup today and everything should work as expected again.
    Please let me know if you see any further issue so I can take another look.



    My header is back, thank you!


    Fixed! Thanks!



    There’s also a “thank you” from me. Great Support!


    Thank you for taking care of this!!



    Everything dandy now, thanks!

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