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Custom Header Image on Default Theme

  1. Customizable images on a theme is gorgeus, but it's not allowed on the Default theme.
    I think this is the most simplest and beautiful theme, can you add the custom header
    image there?!


  2. Best bet would be to submit a feedback since this is a theme suggestion.

  3. I've the same request.
    The default theme is the most well-formatted theme, it's so sad not allow to customize the header.

  4. In which case I suggest you contact the team too. :)

  5. How do i can contact them?

  6. When you're logged in and viewing your blog either:

    Go to "My Dashboard" and click "Feedback" in the top right hand corner or

    From the blog click "My Account" in the top left hand corner and click "Contact Support".

    I suggest that the first one would be a better option as this is a request rather than a support requirement.


  7. patriotsfanblog

    I bet most of you guys know that I been asking for this to. Good to see other people want custom header on the default.

  8. It's a known request, really.
    If you send in feedbacks all I can say is yes it's a popular request and it'll be on the list.

  9. Thank you so much!

    So Please guys, let's fill and send feedbacks to make this a popular request!

  10. It IS a popular request.
    If you send a feedback all you will get is this:

    Yes it's a popular request and it'll be on the list."

    Or if there are so many and others are using that because something is broken in their blog you will get nothing.

  11. patriotsfanblog

    @ madmark- I hope it gets done soon to : )

  12. Has anyone noticed that when logged into wordpress the footer in the default theme is not aligned correctly?

    This is happening in Firefox. I haven't tested in IE yet and it's aligned correctly in Opera 9.

    (I know, I need to submit feedback. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this.)

  13. I guess someone else has noticed the footer problem:

    note to self: "search previous forum posts before asking questions"

  14. patriotsfanblog

    It's fine on my IE.

  15. It's perfect in my firefox.

  16. patriotsfanblog

    Does anybody have a time frame though if this does get done, the early it could be?

  17. note to self: "search previous forum posts before asking questions"

    Nah, that will never happen around here. :)

    Patriot, we're waiting for you to submit them the code that will let this happen. :)

  18. patriotsfanblog

    hahaha, I wish I could help : )

  19. @patriotsfan: i hope that too! :)

    Ehm.. there's another topic with the same request i opened before this.. i think u can close it :D

    Thank you very much guys!
    Wordpress is always the best!

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