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custom header image trouble (Redoable Lite theme)

  1. Hi,

    I tried to add a custom header image to the Redoable Lite theme, but it just doesn't show up. Any suggestions??? Thanks!


  2. tell us exactly what happens, your browser, browser version, and OS, please :)

  3. I'm experiencing the same problem as "ybca" is having yet again. I ran into this problem (new images would not show up to replace the last image) the first time when I was creating the blog. Today when I was working on it, I just have white space after re-loading the image as both a .png and .jpg file to no avail.

    I am using Windows XP, Service Pack 2 OS, logged in using Firefox and have checked the browser with Firefox & IE 7.0.5730.11IC. Both browsers produce the same result (white space where the image should be).

    Please advise if this problem will be addressed. I urgently need to know if this system is and can remain stable before I invest anymore money into specialized hosting or further integrate WordPress into my website and podcasting activities.

    Thank you,
    Maia "KnitWitch" Whitaker

    Just to be clear the blog linked to your username is not a blog and this forum is only for blogs hosted by In your case the correct forum is

  5. ybca, if you are using the Safari Browser on Mac OS (not sure about the windows beta), it sometimes gets kinda funky, so if that is the case, try uploading the header image from another browser like Camino.

  6. I'm having the same trouble. The image uploads and shows up in the dashboard, but not in the blog. The blog shows a solid background color

  7. And what is the URL of your blog?


  9. Sorry.., I meant

  10. isn't a valid blog. It redirects to the main WordPress page.

  11. it could be a private blog; those redirect to the main page.

  12. Bah - duplicate

  13. I opened it up so everyone can see it..

    Again, the custom image was upload and is visible in the dashboard. It's not showing up on the website.


  14. How odd. I found the image address in the source, so it is being applied to the CSS, but it's not showing up on the page. I don't know what the fix is.

    For anyone who's interested in checking, this is the header:

  15. If the image was uploaded and applied using the regular (non-CSS) method of uploading and applying headers, it is being overridden by the CSS, which puts a background colour in front of it. You need to find the spot in the CSS to insert the URL and put it there.

  16. excuse me - deleted

  17. I figured it out. I needed to delete the background color: 900 from the style sheet



  18. I am using the same theme and I'm trying to display an image height of more than 180px that the default header has. I can increase the size of the header, but the upload of the image only allows me to crop the image to the default header size of 750 x 180 pixels. I have a feeling that there may not be a way around this using the Redoable Lite theme, any thoughts?

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