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    i’ve had some media library issues as i’ve started to migrate my blog to wordpress. i’ve found that when i upload a custom header image to the k2-lite theme on both blogs i’ve tried, i get varying results.

    1) when i upload an image that’s larger than 780×200, everything works fine and the “crop image” box appears and everything is OK.

    2) however, when i tried an image that was exactly 780×200, a small box pops up in the upload file textbox that has a selection rectangle, which looks like the “crop image” box. a few clicks around and the box goes away. also, the media library shows that the file is uploaded twice, but only appears once. for example, the file i uploaded was 3.2KB, but the media library shows 6.4KB added to the usage. also, after resetting the original header and deleting this image, instead of recouping the 6.4KB that was used, 3.2KB is still used, though the file is no longer there in the media library. this does not happen when an image larger than 780×200 was uploaded, cropped, then deleted.

    is this normal behavior or a bug or just something fishy going on with my account? i’ve tried this with 2 blogs on my account and the same thing happened. thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t think what you describe is “normal behavior”. Will you please report this to Staff? Here’s the link

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