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    OK, I’m very green at this, but here goes:

    At I have created a custom header.
    I want to host my blog with Bluehost in my subdomain.

    But the version of WordPress offered by Bluehost/Fantastico does not give me the header customization option.




    Actually it’s the theme that supports the header option, not wordpress. Most themes, even the ones hosted here do not support this option and have been worked on by the system admin. It’s a simple CSS change actually. Heck, you can even switch files if you want. just keep the same file name.

    – Complain to bluehost about their lack of support. While you’re doing that, complain about their support of spammers and inability to follow up on abuse complaints too ;)

    – Find yourself a real host. (My two cents ->

    edit: all the themes with header support on my own wpmu install, I’ve done myself.

    reedit: What version of wp do they offer over there anyway?

    rereedit: Probably should be over at for this but since you’ve already asked and I gather its a transfer, we’ll take it.


    my bluehost fantastico install shows that they’re using 2.2, which supports the custom header API.

    you’ll need to install a theme that supports the custom header API.
    offhand, that’s
    Disconnected(shameless self promotion)
    Dream in Infrared(shamelesser and shamelesser)

    if you can manage installing and SVN client, you can get all of the themes we use here. but if you can manage that, you probably don’t need the custom header stuff.


    SYN Hosting is a bit expensive, personally i reccomend SiteGround, im moving there myself shortly.



    You get what you pay for. Any host that’s promising you the equalivent of 5 entire servers for under ten bucks a month is probably doing something shady. It’s also hosted in ev1servers/ theplanet space, the home of many spammers, scammers, and RSS stealers that we’ve talked about here. I wouldn’t be supporting them.

    Good luck,


    lol well wordpress seem to support them which is what attracted me to them, and they’re rated as the best wordpress host.

    That said, looking at SYN Hosting again i can get the first 3 months free if i sign up with them :) always good to get free months right off the bat. I’ll try them out and if it dosent work out i’ll most to SiteGround, and it wont have cost me anything *hears his credit cards dance for joy*

    That said the best host in the UK is Heart Internet, i used to be with them originaly, however they’re a bit expensive these days and i cant afford them anymore :(



    Rated by who? How easy is it to set up an “independent” internet services review site and rate all your own sites as the best in class? To trust a rating you have to trust the company setting the bar.



    Heart Internet – I never heard of them…


    Probably the best host in the UK, services wise. Good healthy space and bandwidth and tones of extras. The only complaint i ever had about them is that they use the ticket support for customer services. They were pretty fast on the response, longest i had to wait was 40mins, but i dont really like ticket systems. Prefer to talk to some one live.

    As for who rates them, 2 seperate places. First is the Best Hosts Directory, second is the Word Press Directory.



    Let’s see now:

    Best Hosts Directory says they rate based on how many times they appear in search engines. OK… They list Siteground as their #1 choice with a grand total of 23 reviews (Note none of the reviews have links to the reviewers websites) while the rest only have a single review. And are in fact hosted by them as well. Hmm, no bias there. Oh, and they’ve been around since Nov 2006. Lost of experience.

    And I have no idea who “wordpress directory” is. Sorry.



    A couple additional notes about Synhosting. First their web site has all (6) Web hosting packages split evenly between “shared” Web hosting and “reseller” Web hosting. Now the reseller Web hosting packages are not dedicated servers, they are shared Web hosting with two extra features, the dedicated IP address being the one I was interested in. A few minutes after going through their entire sales system and prepaying for six months of service, I received one e-mail showing a successful charge my credit card, a second e-mail a notice saying my credit card purchase was refunded, and a third with a terse statement: “Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting Reseller Hosting accounts and your entire transaction has been refunded via 2Checkout.” Strangely enough reseller hosting accounts are still being listed is available on their main web site.

    At the bottom of the main page of their web site they have a statement “Copyright © 2002-2007 SYN Hosting – All Rights Reserved.” This possibly can make you assume they have in business for five years. The only problem with this is that shows that in February 2005 homepage was a placeholder and they did not commence operations until December 2005, meaning they have been in operation from this domain name for a little over a year and a half.

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