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Custom header issue

  1. I bought the CSS upgrade and as soon as I made a single change my custom header vanished. I reverted back to the original code, also tried re-uploading my custom header - no go. Why would it vanish if I haven't modified the code?


  2. Figured it out - thanks!

  3. Hey What did you do? The same thing happened to me, and I lost the images on my menu bar. Help a brother out?

  4. Custom CSS overrides stuff you've uploaded to the header with the regular uploader. You have to upload the header, get the url of the image in webspace, and put that in the CSS in the appropriate line.

  5. What about the buttons that have been created on my menu bar, the just show up as text, and not Incorporated pictures like the original template had them? I never uploaded anything for them.

  6. Buttons on your menu bar? You mean page navigation buttons that are coded into your theme? Unless you change the CSS, I don't see why they would change at all.

  7. Yeah thats what I meant, sorry I didn't know the jargon. Anyway, they have seemed to changed to just text. Any ideas?

  8. They look exactly like they should so I'm not clear what the issue is.

  9. I didn't apply the CSS yet, because in the preview they looked weird. What I did was "viewed stylesheet" then copy and pasted it to my Editor. Then I clicked Preview, and the header was gone (that I understand now) but the navigation buttons were just text, and looked different in the preview. So I didn't hit save changes yet. Should I try to 'save' it then see what happens, (b/c it was only the preview that looked weird)?

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