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    When I upload the custom header image, it will show it as being there on the Presentation ->Custom Image Header page, but it doesn’t seem to update on the blog at all.

    I’m using .jpg format, the image is the right size for the template I’m using (700 x 225 pixels). Not sure what I’m doing wrong, or if this is a bug of some sort.

    Thx for any help you can throw my way…



    The blog that you’re looking at so we can see what is occuring would help. :) The blog under your name is using Andreas09 and you can’t do header images with that theme.

    Telling us what the new image should look like would help as well.

    I would try clearing your browser’s cache and doing a forced reload of the page in question.

    There are other threads on this issue but the issue that you’re having may or may not be related to your issue.



    it’s and the image file is called ‘holygrail062.jpg’. It should look like this:

    I looked around the forums here for a bit and didn’t find anyone with this exact problem.

    The cache has been dumped in my browser and the page reloaded with no change.

    I’m using Firefox btw…but looked at it in IE on another computer and didn’t see a difference.



    I’m not seeing the header image either on your blog. Since this is more of a backend issue, I’ll add the modlook tag you your post and see if we can get a staff member to take a looksee. That’s what we’re doing for the hoilday break as they peak in every so often.

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