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    I’m using a theme “Contempt (custom header option)” for my client’s blog, and having a problem with custom header and css editing.

    I can upload a custom header, and being able to see it from browsers. However, once I edit CSS, I see the original header in browsers. Tricky part is I can still see a preview of the custom header in Appearance > Custom Header page, but not in browsers. I’m using original CSS of Contempt theme, and only thing I changed was background-color of side bar boxed (#sidebar h2). All cache and history are cleared from the browsers, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

    This is the order I tried:
    1. Upload a custom header
    2. Copy and paste original stylesheet (got the code from “view original stylesheet”) to CSS Stylesheet Editor
    3. Change background-color of #sidebar h2.
    4. Save stylesheet

    For now, I took off the custom CSS from the blog to show the custom header since show it is more priority than changing the sidebar box color.
    Any help would be appriciated. Please note that I have some (little) idea about CSS, but not a lot.


    The blog I need help with is


    You cannot use the custom header uploader once you start editing the CSS. If you paste the entire CSS stylesheet into the CSS edit window it will break all of the relative URL’s to images that are in the CSS. Put only the specific sections, and the specific declarations you are changing into the CSS edit window and then make sure that “add to existing is selected.

    After editing the CSS, to change the custom header, you have to size and crop the header image to the exact size required, upload it to the media library and then put the URL of that uploaded image into the proper location within the CSS.



    It was such a simple thing! I just add the edit for #sidebar h2 as you said and it worked!
    Thanks so much thesacredpath! I really appreciate it!


    You’re very welcome.

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