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Custom Header Option Missing

  1. Hello, I'm using the Adventure Journal theme, which has a custom header option -- I just used it earlier today to add a header image. But for some reason, the option is now missing from under the Appearance menu! Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same here! I am in limbo!

  3. I just tried this on my test blog and you're both quite right, the custom header image option is missing. I have marked this thread 'Modlook' so that someone from staff will come and help.

  4. Same problem with the 'Morning After' theme.

  5. This is a problem with Modularity Lite as well. Staff have been alerted and hopefully will respond. Here is a link to the other thread:

  6. Thank you for letting us know that staff has been alerted. I'm glad that its not just my site. Hopefully it'll get resolved soon!

  7. You are welcome.

  8. I'm using the Blogum theme and the option to add a custom header has mysteriously disappeared from the dash. Any ideas?

  9. Read the link I provided just a few above your post?

  10. So... sit tight and wait for the update then?

  11. So glad I found this cause I was freaking out at my Morning After theme!

  12. Staff is upgrading the platforum to WordPress 3.4. Here’s some of what’s new in the upgrade:
    Theme Customizer with Previewer
    Flexible Custom Header Sizes
    Selecting Custom Header and Background Images from Media Library
    Better experience searching for and choosing a theme

  13. Same thing is happening withe Chaotic Soul theme. I've updated the header at the beginning of the month for 2.5 years and suddenly the option is gone.

  14. It appears that Staff are upgrading the platform to WordPress 3.4 and this thread has beed flagged for Staff attention.

  15. The header option is back!

  16. Good. Seriously, disaster in the making, especially at the start of a new month, for reasons the above bloggers have pointed out.

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