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Custom Header Pic Problem

  1. When I upload my 760 x 200px header WordPess automatically crops it. It crops 10 pixels off of each side and 8 pixels off of the bottom. WordPress does not crop the top at all. The reason I know all this is because I checked it out on Photoshop super imposing my original 760 x 200px header over a screen shot I took of the auto-cropped header up at my WordPress page. Please WordPress programmers. Fix this unnecessary bug. Thanks!

    PS: If anyone else is having this same problem then speak up.

  2. amylovesinsanity

    i have the same problem not sure how much they crop on each side but i uploaded a 585x190 picture,it stupidly crop my picture into a weird size,resulting in some part of my pictures not showing in my header.i tried to upload a smaller picture,it enlarge my picture and crop it automatically,producing the same problem again.wordpress please do some thing !

  3. The image you uploaded is probably too big for the header of the chosen theme.
    Here a list of header size for each theme:

  4. Isadora - Please advise: The header I'm trying to upload is 880/149 onto a Digg 3 template which allows 904/160. Every time I load, the cropper will not allow me to pull it out. It goes black over the top of the photo and creates a small box at the bottom of the photo. If I upload a smaller version of the same picture, the cropper gets smaller itself and will still not allow me to resize. Thanks.

  5. i am using the digg 3 template as well; am trying to change my header now. what i get is a photo and then a grey scale header under. basically the photo i am uploading does not fill in the whole header. (it did so last month ...)
    please help!
    is it something i am doing wrong?

  6. impossible!
    i tried with the right image, then a larger one - for wordpress to crop it automatically. now it doesn't want to upload a new heard so i have a weird pixeled image! plus i still get the bottom grey shaded box. so the photo doesn't fill the whole header.
    what is wrong? am i doing somethign wrong?
    any suggestions will be very helpful. as it worked once before just fine i trust it will so again :)

  7. I've seen alot of post on this subject, and I'm having the same problem. WordPress programmers, I beg you to do some thing!

  8. Me too! I uploaded a simple custom header with the required 760x200 and it cuts into the top corners of Kubrick.

    Can't seem to do anything about. Tried 750x150, 760x150 and it just gets cropped, then stretched and pushed into the top corners of Kubrick.


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