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    When I upload my 760 x 200px header WordPess automatically crops it. It crops 10 pixels off of each side and 8 pixels off of the bottom. WordPress does not crop the top at all. The reason I know all this is because I checked it out on Photoshop super imposing my original 760 x 200px header over a screen shot I took of the auto-cropped header up at my WordPress page. Please WordPress programmers. Fix this unnecessary bug. Thanks!

    PS: If anyone else is having this same problem then speak up.


    i have the same problem not sure how much they crop on each side but i uploaded a 585×190 picture,it stupidly crop my picture into a weird size,resulting in some part of my pictures not showing in my header.i tried to upload a smaller picture,it enlarge my picture and crop it automatically,producing the same problem again.wordpress please do some thing !



    The image you uploaded is probably too big for the header of the chosen theme.
    Here a list of header size for each theme:



    Isadora – Please advise: The header I’m trying to upload is 880/149 onto a Digg 3 template which allows 904/160. Every time I load, the cropper will not allow me to pull it out. It goes black over the top of the photo and creates a small box at the bottom of the photo. If I upload a smaller version of the same picture, the cropper gets smaller itself and will still not allow me to resize. Thanks.



    i am using the digg 3 template as well; am trying to change my header now. what i get is a photo and then a grey scale header under. basically the photo i am uploading does not fill in the whole header. (it did so last month …)
    please help!
    is it something i am doing wrong?



    i tried with the right image, then a larger one – for wordpress to crop it automatically. now it doesn’t want to upload a new heard so i have a weird pixeled image! plus i still get the bottom grey shaded box. so the photo doesn’t fill the whole header.
    what is wrong? am i doing somethign wrong?
    any suggestions will be very helpful. as it worked once before just fine i trust it will so again :)


    I’ve seen alot of post on this subject, and I’m having the same problem. WordPress programmers, I beg you to do some thing!



    Me too! I uploaded a simple custom header with the required 760×200 and it cuts into the top corners of Kubrick.

    Can’t seem to do anything about. Tried 750×150, 760×150 and it just gets cropped, then stretched and pushed into the top corners of Kubrick.


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