custom header will not appear on site.

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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! (Throws hands up in utter despair!)

    I must say, this is becoming pretty frustrating! For the last couple of months WordPress has not been cooperating with regards to images and custom headers. And, apart from aforementioned problem, I actually like WordPress and don’t really want to switch hosts…

    This is my problem: I attempt to upload a new custom header. Everything works fine, the browser thinks and thinks and thinks and the image is uploaded, the crop thingy does its thing and finally the browser pops up with a message “Your new header has been uploaded. Visit your site now to see in action etc etc.” So yours truly visits her site innocently expecting to see her new header – and what happens? The old one or the original one or the default one is there instead, grinning sardonically at poor little me!

    Is there anyone out there who knows what the problem is and why it is taking WordPress so long to fix it? Your help would be most appreciated! Thank you very much.

    My blogs are

    The images I am trying to upload are jpg’s. I use Internet Explorer.

    The blog I need help with is


    You should have searched the forum first: you would have found many threads on this.

    “The crop thingy does its thing”: unfortunately it doesn’t (although it appears to). You need to prepare images in the exact size specified by the theme and upload those images.


    Oops! Sorry. I searched a bit, and found a thread I started a while ago, albeit on a different username… I do apologise for making your life more hectic!

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