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Custom Header with Twenty-eight Thirteen

  1. Has anybody had any success creating a custom header with 2813? If so, I would love some help because I am new to css and I want to change this about my page. My site is

  2. if you have the custom CSS upgrade, you can add your custom header image like so:

    #header {
    background: url(YOUR_CUSTOM_IMAGE.jpg) no-repeat;

    you'll probably also need to add some padding to the top of it.

  3. So I have created the header for this file and uploaded it. I entered this code into my css editor using the name of the created image but nothing happens.... Does it need to be a url?

  4. Yes, it needs tobe an actual URL.

  5. Thank you!

  6. *chuckle* I was expecting some graphic banner up there but I like the design of yours. :)

  7. I wanted to keep something simple since I wasn't sure if it works. Any suggestions on a banner?

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