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    Hi. I finally got around to fitting a custom header to my blog. Last night I switched my theme from kubric/default to k2 … tried it out on a test blog, liked what I saw … uploaded the image … and ShaZAM!! it looked awesome & was so easy I couldn’t believe I didn’t do it months ago.

    But two hours later it was gone. And now, when I upload the image it won’t allow me to crop — though the image appears on the crop page — and when I save the image as it is, it doesn’t appear on my header.

    Can anyone help me get my ShaZAM on again??

    Mike E



    We have a problem with the cropper which is being worked on – sorry.



    Hey, no need to be sorry! Just kick me say $50 cash & we’ll forget about the whole thing…



    Oh – good – I thougt I was going crazy – I had done it so many times before but this time around I also was unable to crop the image and now I have a black header. I’ll just keep checking back in to see when it gets resolved… thank you.



    Will you please answer these questions? And thanks, in advance for your answers.
    What you mean by a black header?
    What is the url for your blog please?
    And why is your username here linked to this instead of to your wordpress blog?
    We can’t see your wordpress blog so how can we verify the visibility of a header in our own various browsers, when we can’t see it?



    Sure timethief – sorry about the confusion. I seem to be having the same issue as greenlighto had…

    I have tried these on a couple of themes that offer custom image headers including chaoticsoul and connections:

    I upload an image.
    The crop tool does not appear.
    I had no choice but to click on “crop header”.
    Now my header is black. There is no image nor any text.
    To get a header I have to reset to default.

    LATEST INFO: I jsut tried this again and now the crop tool DOES appear. I select my area, click on crop but still, I get a black image. You can see it right now at my site:

    And sorry about the URL in my profile – that is my personal blog and the is my photoblog. I must have forgotten to update my profile when I started using the site! I will go change it now!!

    Thanks for your help…

    UPDATE: OK, it is now working in the COnnections theme so it must have just been a temporary glitch. Thank you.



    NP I’m glad to see it’s working for you. Happy Blogging.



    Yep. All is cool in custom-header-land.

    BTW tthief: I’ve added your thumbs up w/shades wp logo to my sidebar.

    It’s like Way Radical



    Hey greenlight that’s so cool that you liked it. :D


    I’m still having trouble with the custom header. It doesn’t appear in firefox. Can anyone help me with this?



    expositorythoughts, your header looks like this to me on Firefox version 2.0


    I’m having the same problem that cybertoad was having earlier in this thread. The crop tool appears but like you see in the screen shot the pics are black and do not show through. Also I noticed that the pics of the available themes do not show either. Thanks for any help you can give.



    With my firefox 2.0 browser I see your blog in the Connections theme with a header depicting a library very clearly.


    Interesting, there must be something wrong with my Firefox Browser.


    Any thoughts on what might be wrong?


    Here’s what I’m seeing:

    Also, I’m not able to see the picture in the custom header.



    Are you aware that the firefox 1.5.8 has issues and that’s why Mark recommends an upgrade?


    I have had Firefox 2.0 for a while since it came out and this problem just started.



    Okay then this is a feedback issue (the button is on the top right hand corner of any blog page).


    Thanks for your help Timethief,

    I have sent a message in “feedback.”

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