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Custom Headers

  1. myimperfectbeauty

    How Do i get rid of my Custom Headers after i have uploded them?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to the left column on your Admin Page. In the Media Module and click. When the drop-down appears click on Media Library and that's where you will find them and can delete them.

  3. myimperfectbeauty

    Sorry i meen like off of your blog not off my computer.
    i uploed some wird Custom Headers and i have them play on random.

  4. The Media Library in your Admin Page shows media that you have uploaded to, so if you delete them from there it will remove them from your site.

  5. myimperfectbeauty

    sorry i am hope less :(
    i know ware my media pege is but from there i am clue less??

  6. myimperfectbeauty

    Sorry I ment Page not pege.

  7. Can you not see the files contained in your media library and locate the header in question?

  8. myimperfectbeauty

    Oh now I get it thank you soooo much!!
    [sig link redacted due to forum policy -sl1k]

  9. Hi; hope I'm in the right forum, I'm new to this. My blog url is The template is twentyten. Recently the custom header I uploaded, and the custom background have disappeared. Both of these are shown in my media library, however it doesn't allow me to reload the header or background from images in the media library. Don't know how these images disappeared; they were working fine last I logged in. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. What header should be displaying on the blog? I see a female head and lots of "shadows".

  11. It should be an image of a female and male head and other "shadow" profiles. But I just looked on my profile, and my theme is twentyeleven, not twentyten. However, the images have been working for days now before they disappeared. I cannot see these images at all on any browser. I don't know how you are seeing them. Do you also see a background of illustrated flowers? Thank you!

  12. I was just able to reload my background image, but every time I try to reload the header image, I get an error message that says: "Image could not be processed. Please go back and try again."

    I don't understand how these images could just disappear. I didn't delete them or make changes to them at all. Tx.

  13. I clearly see a header image just liket you describe:

    It should be an image of a female and male head and other "shadow" profiles.

    As for the background I can point you to Images ยป Troubleshooting Images

  14. hmmm...strange. I have gone to two different computers in my home and none of them are displaying the custom header. Any suggestions? Tx!

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