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Custom headers not links in Black Letterhead theme

  1. Thanks for fixing the problem with customizing the header text with the new Black Letterhead theme. However, now when I use a custom header image, I've lost the ability to click the header anywhere in my blog and return to the home page. There is no active link section on a custom header...


  2. Did it function that way before? Some themes don't have headers as links at all, which is annoying, but not unheard-of.

  3. The permalink is in the title. When I set my test blog to allow the title to "show text" I have a title link. When I set it to "hide text" I don't.

    Staff monitor these threads so I'm glad you brought this to attention.

  4. I was going to just add a text widget with a link to the home page, but the interior pages don't have a side column... so it's pretty much impractical to use the theme now with a purely custom image header; (in my opinion) they need to enable the link on the custom header just like as on Kubrick (which this theme seems to be based on).

    The only options appear to be [1] use just the plain text header or [2] create a background image header that sits under the default text layout... not ideal, but it'll have to do for now.

  5. My interior pages do display the sidebar and so do my static pages.

  6. Sorry, bad choice of words on my part. My individual post pages, not "pages', don't have a sidebar. Once you're looking at one post with comments, there's no way except the browser's Back button to get back to the home page.

  7. Hmmm, yes I see that. Have you contacted support? This is going to require backend access to fix, and only staff has it. (9a-5p PDT).

  8. My test blog has several hundred posts in it. And I have a sidebar showing on each interior page of those posts throughout the entire blog. At the bottom of these pages of posts I have next entries and previous entries links as would be expected.

    I am no longer hiding the blog title and I can discern a small square in the center of the header is where the "home" page permalink is. You can easily locate "the sweet spot" by entering a two letter blog title just to check it out.

    I think your temporary solution of using a text widget to place a home page link in at the top of your sidebar sounds like a good idea.

    {waving to thesacredpath}

  9. @TT
    If you click on a more tag or the post title to go to a permalink page, there isn't a sidebar. The other pages, yes.

  10. Yes, I've contacted Support and they said that "We will consider your input." Which sounds like they don't consider it a bug, but a feature enhancement.

    "Permalink page"... that's the language I needed to be clear. Sorry for any confusion.

  11. Hi guys,

    I designed the BlackLetterhead theme. See my post about this subject at:

  12. Wow, thanks Ulysses. Now all we have to do is persuade the staff to make the changes...

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