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    I am using static pages for all my pages with the posts appearing as one of the links. I would like to create a home page that is different from the rest of the pages. Primarily, it should not have widgets on the right side, and should has a background image that starts right under the buttons. I tried to put in a “hack” where I am using a div with a negative relative top and left positions that covers everything on the home page. This works fine in Internet Explorer 7.0 but does not work in Mozilla Firefox 3.0.

    The website address is or

    Any help would be highly appreciated.



    I am sorry to say this, but this does look like a for-profit business site, which is not allowed on


    Yes it is a company website… and I have paid for the domain ( through Why should I not be able to have my company website on

    I have seen several people talk about having corporate websites on wordpress and advantages of doing so:



    The links you are referring to are talking about self-hosted, NOT There is a big difference between these two. Business sites are not allowed on



    There is a difference between and Read this thread:



    Business sites of certain kinds are indeed allowed here, but straight catalogue blogs are generally not, regardless of purchase of any upgrades (barring VIP). You would have to ask staff for a judgement call on yours. My hunch is that it would be okay.

    However, you should be aware that using static pages instead of a blog is going to slaughter your SEO. Seriously, absolutely slaughter it. If you’re okay with that, fine, but I thought you should be made aware.


    Thanks for the SEO tip raincoaster. I will look more into that.
    Important question is… is it worse (in terms of SEO) for me to have Static Pages on as opposed to on a separate server?

    And yes, I am aware of the difference between and I looked through the Terms of Service ( but didn’t find any specific references of not having a company website / commercial venture / for-profit business on Let me know if you’ll find any other information regarding this.

    I have sent a support request to the staff.

    Coming back to the original topic, is there a way I can NOT have widgets just on the home page? and / or cover the bottom part of the page with a relative positioned div?


    Member will always outpull, all other things being equal, but you can’t use categories/tags on pages and thus your biggest advantage is completely nullified. So I would guess you’d have a slight edge over a site in similar arrangement, except that with some clever coding you could put tags and categories on the blog, thus effectively reversing the advantage. So it’s a matter of whether or not you can do that coding. I have no idea how difficult it is, myself.

    Regarding the for-profit thing, a simple business blog is generally okay. I’ve seen blogs killed off when they exist only to send people to their parent site, or when it’s “Buy This Now! It will prevent cancer and clear your skin!” etc. In the past they did delete blogs that commercialized even slightly, but that has changed. For clarification, see here:

    With the widgets in the sidebar are all or nothing in pages, I’m afraid. As far as I’m aware there’s no way to do different pages in different styles although I am no CSS genius.

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