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Custom Html Widgets

  1. Is there a way to make a html widget?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes we can use text widgets for pure HTML only. Any javascript, affiliate links, etc. will be stripped out by the software.
    See >

  3. As you are new you may also benefit from reading these entries:
    types of blogs allowed and not allowed at
    no blogger initiated advertising allowed

  4. I dont understand your second post?

  5. She's indicating that your blog may fall afoul of the Terms of Service, in that it may or may not be an approved type of blog. It depends if staff think your blog is talking about something legit or some "Make a million online" stuff. It's their call. If I were you, I'd ask staff to take a look now, because if it is going to be a problem you can at least know before investing too much work on

  6. I simply posted the second comment because you are new and I visited the blog. Being paid to click ads is click fraud.

    Tags: Get Paid To, LogiPTC, Paid To Click, Payment Proof
    Categories : Get Paid To, Paid To Click, Pays Monthly

  7. @time - I dont have any ads....
    @rain - I don't post anything that is a get rich scheme. I only find websites that pay enough to get people some money. The money I have been earning has been like $30-$30 a month so its nothing to get rich off of. I have plenty of proof that I am working on putting up more.

  8. also they are not being paid to click ads. they are getting paid to view peoples websites, in other words paid traffic...

  9. Those are the Tags and the Categories that you created for your post and entered into the software. Fraud is fraud and no amount of your bullshit will change that.

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