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custom image header cropping not working.

  1. I'm trying to get a new Image Header. I've uploaded the picture, and I'm trying to crop it so that I get all of what I want in the header, but it's not working. Help!

  2. please?

  3. Maybe something in these threads will help?

    What browser and version are you using, on what kind of a computer? That makes a difference sometimes.

  4. Internet Explorer 7.0 on Windows XP hp pavilion vf52

  5. @chicablog
    I just looked at your blog. It's in the Dusk theme. Are you aware that the Dusk theme does not allow for a customized header? These are the themes that you can add a custom header to

  6. What's not working on the uploader? Where is it failing?

  7. Is the size of the Chaotic Soul header you made exactly this size 760 pixels by 151 pixels?

  8. I'm working on it...

  9. ...nope.

  10. I can't find paint on my computer >:| (mad)

  11. I hate to be a pain but I still need you to answer my question. What part of the uploader is broken for you?

  12. It's not the uploading part, it's the cropping.

    It's a 135 pixel square WWE logo that I'm trying to crop so it works as the header.

  13. It's too small. Has to be larger than the banner is supposed to be. The cropper won't expand the picture.


    *smacks head*

  15. If any of you happen to come across a WWE baner that's larger than that banner size, send me the website link, please!

    If you'd like, you could send it via comment ;-)

  16. chicablog
    You have Microsoft Paint. Open it and set the attributes at 760 pixels by 151 pixels. You will now have a white canvas. You can colour the background any colour you choose and ad other small images to it if you want. That means you can use the Edit "paste from" to put the WWF logo where you like on it. When you are done you just click File "save as" and name your completed header image. Then you can upload the completed header to your blog.

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