custom image header disappeared today.

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    After being in use about a week, my custom image header mysteriously stopped loading today.
    I reloaded it, and it is working now.

    Any idea why this would happen? Has it happened to anyone else?

    I’m using Cutline as a theme and this is my blog:




    And it is happening again right now, 6pm EST Sunday.



    Yes, it’s happened to many people although not within the last few days. If you do a search of the forum for “Header issues” you should find at least five threads on the subject. If you haven’t reset anything on your end, I expect that it’s something WordPress is tinkering with behind the scenes and that it will take a Feedback to set things right. Support will reopen in a few hours and you can send the feedback then.

    I’m assuming that you cleared your browser cache and reloaded the page and the issue is still there?



    Odd, my custom header is still there, but the drop down menus from the WP header are permanently dropped down over my page, what’s that all about?



    They’re definitely tinkering with WordPress. In the meantime the browser cache clear might help you, because then you wouldn’t have those menus loaded at all. Try that and see what happens.



    hi raincoaster. this has happened twice.
    Saturday night, the banner disappeared. I uploaded it again (though it was still in my uploads) and it was up again.
    Then today it happened again, i cleared the cache, reloaded the page, still no banner.
    So I uploaded it again. It is up now, but has disappeared twice, for no reason.
    Thanks for the help. I’ll do feedback.

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