custom image header doesn’t load on Misty

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    Hi, I’m trying to upload a cropped custom image for my blog, which is using the Misty theme. It won’t load it! I upload the photo, crop it, then it says “visit your site to see…” and the old image is still there. When I click back into My Dashboard and Custom Image Header, the old image is there, as well. Basically, it’s not saving the image I upload and crop at all. My blog is:




    Have you cleared your browser cache and cookies and done a forced reload of the blog page? That might just clear it up.

    Also, do you have the Custom CSS upgrade? If you do, you can’t use the normal uploader; it gets overwritten. You need to put the Jpg in the proper place in the header code instead.



    I’ve had the same problem for a couple days and still unable to see custom header options.

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