Custom Image Header – Want to use my own … how to find right size?

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    I’m trying to change my Custom Header Image from the default one to one of my choosing. Whenever I find an image that I like and upload it, WP wants me to crop it with only a teeny tiny part of the image allowed to show.

    My blog will be titled Pundit Pie and so I want an image that corresponds with the title … that will fit horizontally since that appears to be the only size these WP blog templates allow/ It asks for 960 X 70 pixels. I’m trying to find one that is that size or close to it so it can be cropped while retaining the integrity of the image.

    I went into a couple of stock photography sites, keyed in “Vintage Pie” (image I’m looking for) but none were the right size. Like I said, whatever size I do find, WP makes me crop it so that you can’t see anything but a sliver of the actual image.

    What to do?

    The blog I need help with is


    When you go to upload an image in whatever theme you’re using, it says near the uploader what size that theme will accept for a header. What you should do is open a graphics program on your computer, put the image you want to use in it, crop it to the dimensions of the header for your theme, save it to the file type required, and then use that. Make sure you choose an image that has a high enough resolution and never upsize (as that will make it distort or go blurry).



    Please post an active link to the blog in question starting with http:// so we can view which theme it is that you are referring to. There are 170 themes here Themes Showcase. If you cannot locate a theme that has a header dimension size that you want then you can use image editing software to create one of the correct size. Or you can purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade and do the required CSS editing to use the image you wish to use. In all cases you are best served to optimize and presize all images offline prior to uploading them into your blog. If you don’t do that their will a a loss of image quality as the cropper has to either stretch or scrunch the images to force them to fit.
    troubleshooting images



    Well, to make things easier on myself, I picked a different theme: Suburbia. Not sure if it will be the best for my purposes in the long run, but for now this will work. I presume I can always upgrade to a premium blog later? (I use a premium for a portfolio that I have under a different name.)

    Here is how the image looks on this new blog. (No entries yet…will start posting tomorrow.)


    I use ‘photogene’ or ‘IResize’ for cropping purposes. Both available from app shop if you are using an iPad. They work very well.



    You can also use GIMP, which is free.



    I posted a link to 10 free online image editing programs above for you.
    Here’s a link to the recommendations in the support documentation > Image Editing Software

    I presume I can always upgrade to a premium blog later? (I use a premium for a portfolio that I have under a different name.)

    There’s a persistent and unsubstantiated belief there is such a thing as a premium blog upgrade here. That’s simply not true so let’s clear that up.

    Yes, all free hosted bloggers can purchase the available upgrades inlcuding premium themes. Each upgrade is specific to one blog, for the stated purposes only, and is only in effect for a single year, when it must be renewed. There’s no there is no such thing as “premium blogs” and nothing else changes when you purchase an upgrade. You get what you buy and nothing more than what you buy.

    Same Rules Apply – The upgrade does not enable the permission to use advertising, any kind of prohibited code, or upload additional themes or plugins.
    With the upgrade, your blog will still be hosted here at,
    which means that you will not have FTP access to your files and you
    will still be required abide by our Terms of Service.

    I think you may be referring to purchasing a Premium Theme in the future.
    Add more options for site customization, exclusive designs, and support direct from theme authors with a Premium Theme upgrade. Pricing for each
    theme can be found under the Premium tab in the Appearance → Themes page of your dashboard. Premium themes are priced per blog, for the lifetime of that blog.



    Yes, I do understand that. I was not referring to a “Premium Blog Upgrade” but rather a Premium Blog. Meaning that I may pick a “free theme” now, but later change to a paid “Premium Theme.”

    My main concern is to pick a theme that will allow me to use it as “Just Jennifer” said on explained in the other thread: “On some themes you can set up a Custom Menu to highlight/display certain categories on their own pages and you can also run multiple sites, though that would mean buying not only the domain and mapping, but also buying mapping for subdomains.”

    Now I’m trying to figure out how I find those themes she referred to. Not sure if the theme summaries highlight that feature or not.



    She’s referring to themes that support the Custom Menus feature.

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