Custom Image Header- would like to change crop dimensions

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    I have changed the dimensions of my custom header image for the Ocean Mist template by changing them in the CSS. I have even changed the CSS to display the image I would like there and it looks fine.

    However, I would like for my non-technical friend to be able to upload a new image using the Custom Image Header interface that is part of the WP Dashboard. When I go to upload an image there, it still constrains the dimensions to the ones that come with the Ocean Mist template as default.

    How can I get WP-Admin to recognize and allow my new dimensions when I go to upload a new image through the Custom Image Header interface?


    Once you get the custom CSS, you can no longer use the custom image header interface. You have to upload the image in edit post or edit page and then you have to edit the CSS and put in the new image URL.


    Hey runningyogi, can you share how you changed the dimensions of your custom header image… i have just upgraded to CSS and am very new at this and would love to resize the cropping that the Custom Image header did to my original picture….thanks.

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