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custom item

  1. How do I create a 'custom item'in my sidebar?

  2. Provided the image is not a frame or java script embed inserting an image into a text widget and displaying it in your sidebar will result from following this walk through.
    --> write post --> upload image --> send image to editor --> copy the entire image code --> presentation --> sidebar widgets --> text widget --> open text widget and paste in the image code --> save changes

  3. I copied the HTML into a text widget, when I look at the front page it looks like this

  4. The code says x-shockwave-flash"> and that's your clue. The wordpress programming will strip out any embeds, frames, styles and javascript for security reasons. This thread will explain it better but the bottom line is that we are not aware of a clock that has only html coding and can be posted on a blog. This has been discussed before and there are threads in the forum search box on it.

  5. Ok, thankyou for your help

  6. You're welcome and if you do discover a traditional style clock that will work in - please let us all know about it. Until then we'll all just have to use the clocks we all have on our computers.
    If what you are looking for is a countdown to a particular date like a birthday, anniversary or special event you can make one here that works on blogs (be sure to choose the html code)

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