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    That blog has got a like button, below each post, that looks like a star. I’d like a like button below all my posts, also in the front page. I’m not interested in the already existing one, I want one looking like the one in her blog. And I know that her blog is a one but is there any way for me to get something like it? Some custom like button?

    And I’m not interested in the rating option.

    The blog I need help with is



    I could be wrong but I sense that this is not a CSS customization issue. Please be patient while waiting for 1 of the 2 Volunteers who help with CSS to answer you definitively.



    Add the “like” button to your posts in Settings > Sharing from your dashboard (I think you can do this on a post-by-posy basis too). Then try using the following CSS:

    #wpl-button {border:none!important; background:transparent!important; width:20px; overflow:hidden;}
    #wpl-button {background:url(""); padding:0;}
    #wpl-button {background-position:0 40px!important;}

    It is good manners to upload the star image file to your media library and change the URL rather than hot-linking. You could even create your own custom image and use that instead.



    Forget that. Use the advice on the support page to upload your own image as mentioned in the other thread here.

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