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    Is there a way to use a custom menu as a menu item in another custom menu?
    The theme I plan to use this on is Zoren.

    The blog I need help with is




    In your dashboard area, under Appearance->Menu, you can view your custom Menu Structure in the right-hand panel. You are able to drag a menu item in the Menu Structure panel to the bottom-right hand corner of a “parent” item and drop it here. When you do this, you will see that the item is right-hand indented underneath its parent and that it is now distinguished with “sub-item” text.

    I hope that make sense. There is also a tutorial on how to create custom sub-menus here:



    Thanks for the reply, but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for.
    Sorry, I don’t think my situation came through quite clearly (now that I look at it, my wording was a little confusing).

    I have two custom menus set up: my main menu, and another custom menu for use in a widget. For simplicity, I’ll call these M1 and M2 respectively.
    I want to use M2 as a menu item of M1 so that any change in M2 will automatically be reflected in M1.

    For the programmer minds out there, it’s like using a subroutine/procedure instead of duplicating code. It allows you to make a change in a single location instead of having to do the same change in each and every point where you would call the subroutine, which is prone to error and omissions.

    I was wondering if anyone knew a way of doing that, official or not, because I couldn’t find one.

    Hopefully this thread won’t be moved to the Ideas forum and be forgotten.



    Hi. Sorry for misunderstanding, I see what you meant now. However, to my knowledge, there isn’t a way of achieving what you want via the dashboard.

    The purpose of the .com platform is to provide an easy, simple route for publishing, this emphasis on simplicity means that certain restrictions are in place. If you’re interested in development and want the ability to modify the back-end of your site, then might be more suited to you. Have a look and try it out. :)



    Man, this reply is late….
    Anyway, thanks, I didn’t think there was a way. Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources for, which is why I chose

    Could someone move this to the Ideas forum, please?

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