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    Sorry to bother but I just found out that Blix now supports Custom Menus, and I wanted to put subnavigation tabs underneath the main navigation buttons on my website. I got that done, but it just looks ugly because it has the same formatting as the top (you can see for yourself above). Anyway, I found out about the screen options and display the “secret” edit CSS classes option, but I am confused on how to do it. The support does not mention it at all (

    So I just have two questions that I would greatly appreciate if someone could answer.

    1. How exactly do you use the CSS classes (if there is a support page anywhere that goes into detail on wordpress I’ll feel stupid asking this…)?
    2. Do you need to purchase the Custom CSS upgrade to edit the CSS Classes in the Custom Menu feature?

    -Thank you so much!

    The blog I need help with is


    Anybody there?



    This is a peer support forum manned by Volunteers. There is no Staff support for CSS editing and that’s why the upgrade is not recommended to those who don’t have skills when it comes to CSS editing. There is precious little Volunteers support and it’s a long weekend. I recommend patience.


    1. First off you need to get at least a general understanding of HTML and CSS and how the two relate to each other. This is from a true CSS guru, atthe404

    atthe404 on CSS:

    There is no trick. But doing CSS requires an understanding of the markup (xhtml). There is no way round that. The CSS applies styles to stuff. To what stuff depends on the markup. So number one read the source (View Source). Get used to it. Feel comfortable with it. Two. Understand what the heck selectors actually are. Different cats of selectors behave in different ways. SO: this is counter intuitive. To understand the CSS do not start in CSS. Start in the xhtml. Then see how they relate. Its all there. :)
    There are gazillions of CSS tutorials on line.

    2. Any editing of the CSS requires the CSS upgrade. You can do some inline styling in posts, pages and widgets, but it is very limited.


    Thanks. I’ve been working around with CSS to edit the stylesheet for Blix for a while now, and like it but I am going to purchase the Custom CSS upgrade later in the year.


    Everything for the menus is under #navigation and .sub-menu in the CSS as far as I can see – at least in Blix.

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