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    I’ve been playing around with Custom Menus but I am not sure if the following is possible.

    Currently I have a tab and when you move your mouse over it other pages appear below it. I want to make the original tab (the one you see regardless of mouse over or not) purely descriptive, In other words I don’t want it to be click-able.

    Appreciate any help in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    What you want to do then is to create a custom link tab with that name and add it to the menu. Give it a URL of some sort (doesn’t matter because you will be deleting it). Now after adding it to the menu, click on the title bar of that new menu item you created, and delete the URL and then save. Now arrange your submenu items under that tab as you wish.



    Cheers, works perfectly.


    I’m glad, and you are welcome.


    Good tip – thanks TSP – just what I wanted.


    You’re welcome.



    help im trying to make my menu more button like similar to the admin menu of wordpress how can i accomplish this. my site is

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