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custom menu is interfering with my tabs


    I want the Custom Menu to be in one order (About Me, Contact Me, Lexicon, Other) with NO "Home"

    But I want my tabs at the top of the page to be in another order (Home, Other, Lexicon, About Me, Contact Me)

    But if I change the menu, it automatically changes the order of the tabs. And if I remove "Home" from the menu, it removes it completely from the tabs. How can I stop this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Why not create two custom menus? One for your header tabs, another for your sidebar? (If I understand correctly).

  3. I wasn't aware that I could create one for my header tabs. How would I do that without the list appearing on the side bar where the menus usually go?

    (I'm new at this - this is all for a university class!)

  4. Oh wow, I made a new menu and it worked. Thank you! I have literally been trying to figure this out for about two hours and it was driving me crazy. Thanks!! That's what I get for missing one class...

  5. Glad I could help :-)

  6. And in case anyone else finds this topic and wonders how to use custom menus, here's a useful link.

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