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    Using Twenty Ten theme: Is there a way to have no content on the Parent Pages that are listed in the Nav menu, so they are not “clickable” but the child pages under them are clickable?

    For instance, If you had a Parent Page named Colors and you wanted Colors to be on the Nav menu at the top, but you really did not want to have anything general written about colors on a page, but under Ciolors on the Nav menu you wanted to have child pages of Red, Blue, Green, show up when people hover etc.

    In other words, in my hierarchy I don’t really want anything other than the Name at the top. I want people to go to that and see the submenu and then click only on the child pages of the submenu.

    Here is an example of a non-Wordpress blog that does it for most categories: You see that her About, Animals, Garden, and Education tabs aren’t clickable themselves – just the items in the submenus of each tab are clickable.

    Possible in WordPress? In Twenty Ten? I’m figuring you’d have to game it in some way, but I can’t figure out how from Support and forum postings.

    Thanks for any insight.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Custom link —> fill in anything after http:// —> give it a name (label) —> add to menu
    —> delete the url, but leave the label —> add child pages to this non-linked parent —> save menu


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    ~~ hi again…


    Ok will go try that. Possible I will need more handholding but we’ll see.

    Funny that my search did not show this up – I used none of the same words to search the forums. Where he used “categories,” I used “parent pages;” where he used “drop down” I used “Nav menu” and so on.

    Anyway, I’m glad to hear this and am going to go experiment. Thanks.


    Searches here in the forums do not always work well. Some of the threads here have never been tagged properly, or have tags that are not adequate. We Volunteers here should be more watchful of that.


    If you look at the tags on that page Panos referenced, you will see that they are totally inadequate in describing what they thread is about, and since it is now closed, appropriate tags cannot be added.


    Oh wow. That is such a cool fix. Elegant. Tho’ I will say I first neglected to delete the url and Firefox alerted me that it could not find the server for http//whatever. Got a little chuckle and knew what to do.

    Thanks to panos and 1tess. You can see now that on my blog, the fourth menu tab – Homeschooling – has two drop down subcategories without the main menu tab being clickable. Yes! Of course, this is a blog under construction so at this point would hardly appear to need to subdivide such a bare amount of material this way, but I’ll get there.

    One thing I’d add for newbies trying to do this who may have never worked with Custom Links is to look for it under Appearance>Menu not under Links. It seems weird to me that it was there, except not once it worked this way – then it seemed like it must be in just the right place! (I am not sure what else you use custom links for other than this, so will have to explore that next).

    Now as to tags, thesacredpath, I think I *have* remembered to tag some of my questions to the forums, but I did not remember it this time. Is there a way I can go back and add them now? I’m so delighted with this lovely little fix I want it to be searchable.


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    Glad to help.

    The links menu on your dashboard is for links to your favorite sites: your blogroll.

    You can add tags to threads that have not been closed.

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