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    Hi… new to all this… and I am trying to add a few of my friend’s blogs as a custom Menu on my page… problem is, I cannot figure out how to make more than one link show at a time… I have five on the list, but only the top-listed link will display under my menu on my blog page…

    Anyone got any tips on how to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for reporting this! There does appear to be a problem with the display of the Custom Menu widget in the dark Wood theme. I will report this to our developers.




    @tonydaniel Thanks for the report, that issue is fixed now.


    Hi, I have the Dark Wood theme and I’m having a problem with it right now. Has the problem come back? When will it be fixed?



    Hi juliemadblogger — is this the site in question?

    I looked at it just now, and the menu looks like it’s in good shape. Can you describe what you’re seeing that isn’t working as it should?


    I can’t edit it. I can’t get it to open up. When I first used it, I got it to open up with lots of options. Now, it won’t open. I can’t even edit the link I made.


    That is, I would like to add other links in the future, and as it is right now, I can’t do that. I can’t add other features to the custom menu as it is right now, either. There seems to be something amiss.



    @juliemadblogger Sounds like it might be an issue in the administrative panel rather than the site your visitors see? It could help to clear your cache and cookies:


    Lance, yes, the problem is with the widgets that I use. I cleared my cache and cookies, no luck. I still don’t have the custom menu widget options.



    @juliemadblogger Ah, I think you’re looking for the settings in Appearance > Menus rather than the Custom Menu widget, which only allows choosing the name of the menu you’ve built already in Appearance > Menus.



    If your question pertains to the blog linked to your wordpress.COM username then it’s not a wordpress.COM blog, and here we provide support only to bloggers who have support issues with blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM.

    WordPress.ORG blogs run on different software and the two are completely separate and different sites. This is the link to the support forums for those who have wordpress.ORG installs http://wordpress.ORG/support/

    This sticky post at the head of the forum clarifies the differences between the two >

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