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    I recently started a blog using the twenty-ten theme. As I experimented with layout and options I came across the “custom menu” widget. When I dropped it in the widget area to see what it would do, it told me I hadn’t created any custom menus yet. I clicked on the “create one now” option and it took me to a page where I could compile a menu made up of web links, posts, and pages. Once saved this custom menu showed up as a list in the sidebar of my blog.

    I decided it wasn’t really something I needed there, so I deleted the widget. However, I can not find the place where I can delete the custom menu that I created. It doesn’t show on the blog page – so it’s not really a problem at the moment, but if I add the widget back – the same menu shows up and I can’t find where to edit it or delete it. I have tried every selection in the dashboard and I cannot find the page where I created the menu to begin with.

    I remember the page saying something about my theme only supports one custom menu and there was an option to use that custom menu as the primary navigation menu just under the header [instead of the standard home/about/etc page menu]. Again, it’s not a serious problem as it’s not visible right now and I may never use it, but if I do try to use the custom menu widget – that menu I created is the only option and there is no option to edit or change it.

    I hope someone can tell me where to find the page where I can edit or delete that custom menu that I created.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is where you will find your custom menu >


    Well thank you very much – I was about to think I had gone batty. But I can tell you for certain that that “menu” item was not showing there before now. Go figure.



    Well, I’m glad it’s there now and you’re welcome. :)



    Only 1 out of the 5 pages I added to my custom menu widget shows up when I add the widget to my sidebar. Help :/



    Please contact Staff and make them aware of your problem

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