Custom Menu Within a Custom Menu?

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    I browsed for a bit looking for the answer to my question but I couldn’t see the answer specifically. I am using the Bueno theme and it has the custom menu ability which I love. I’d like to see this for my main header menu: Home About the Blog About Timmy Family Thanks! RSS

    My question is for Family, I’ve created a custom menu with hierarchy linking to my family member’s pages on my blog. I’d like it to be a drop down menu. Basically, I created two custom menus. One is the Actual Nav Menu, the other is the family menu. I’d like to put the family menu in the nav menu as a menu item. I couldn’t see an easy way to do this with the interface.

    Can I put a custom menu inside another custom menu?

    The blog I need help with is


    Bueno, like most of the themes that support custom menus, can only display one menu. You need to add the Family page and all its subpages to your actual menu, make sure the family subpages are all below Family in the order you want them, then drag them to the right to turn them into a dropdown.



    Thanks, Panaghiotisadam. I was trying to see if there was a clever way to sneak in a menu within a menu… Technically still one menu, eh?

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