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    I’m re-building an existing website in WP. No problem there.

    My company sends out monthly newsletters. I’d like to be able to display a different horizontal menu specific to the newsletter pages. I’ve created both menus. I’m using twenty twelve

    I’ve encountered some solutions that worked partially. I was able to get my newsletter menu to display on a specific page but the main nav menu was still visible. (did this via editing header.php)

    I know there are some newsletter plug-ins that involve signing-up and RSS feeds and such but I have no need for these things. I send out html emails via listserv with links to the live newsletter.

    I’m trying to avoid buying a plug-in like UberMenu. I’m trying to avoid using any plug-ins at all for this but any help would be much appreciated!



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    Thanks for the heads-up iruvienne but I failed to find any ‘post to forum’ or ‘ask a question’ link anywhere.

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