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    I have set up a bunch of regular pages in my new site and am primarily using a custom menu for navigation. I had no problem setting up the menu but today something went wrong. I design a new page and as usual added it to the menu. On selecting ‘Save Menu”, my browser (IE8 in compatibility mode to prevent the annoying “skip to top” problem during image insertion) keeped loading for a long time (>5 mins) and then timed out. Saving the menu has always been a bit sluggish but never that bad. When I reloaded the menu page all but the top ~20 or so menu entries had disappeared. The menu original had maybe 50 or so entries (main and sub-menus). When I try to re-create the menu I keep getting the same time-out issues if I add several new items. Occassional I can add one or two items and get through a successful save.

    Any ideas or recommendations to fix this?


    The blog I need help with is


    PS: After some more testing, I now have a Custom Menu widget that behaves completely erratic. Some saves/updates work just fine. Others time out. After some updates some menu items just disappear, are randomly changed from Page to Custom (though linking to the same page), or get graphically corrupted on the interface.



    I’m having the same problem. The menus will save if they are small, but if they get larger, saving them times our and only part of the menu is saved.

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