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    Is there ANY way to add a custom META title and description to each post?

    I just do not understand WHY we don’t have this very simple plugin available to those of of that want to SEO our blogs.




    And please, take it from someone with both .com and .org blogs: blogs have TWENTY TIMES the SEO of independently-hosted blogs. The idea that outranks comes from people who (duh) make their living doing SEO for blogs.

    It just isn’t true.



    One thing that will help SEO is to go Dash board left column–>Settings—> General

    And change your “tagline” to a short descriptive statement. (using a keyword or two doesn’t hurt)

    The Tagline shows up at the top of every page of your blog, with a description for Search engines to crawl.



    Matt Cutts of Google clearly stated in 2009 that Google no longer uses the meta titles, description or keywords. This was posted on the webmasters central blog, on Matt’s blog and there are videos stats well. Sadly, there are still bloggers who are misinforming new bloggers by telling them they need to enter meta data when they don’t.

    As raincoaster has said the SEO on this platform is excellent and there’s no way an independently hosted blog can match it.

    As dlager has said an effective tagline is worth creating for I witness that Google does display them in the SERPs. A tagline is a branding message incorporating keywords and if you need some guidelines for creating a blog title and tagline that are effective this will help.




    Not to throw cold water on your SEO dreams – but I only see one Post – Just another Site and the default Title – default About Page – nothing really much for Google to SEO and the single Post looks like most all links to some other site –

    You want to be noticed on Google? Try fixing your Title and Tagline as well as the About Page and put some content on your site worth reading.



    In order to be an effective blogger one does have to create an optimzed About page that contains a concise blog description and expressing what the purpose for the blog. Optimize your About page content to include relevant keywords and phrases that you want search engines like Google to index. See here for some guidelines >



    G’morning to you. :)

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