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  1. Good day,

    I've recently taken a liking to WordPress for the pages and the more text features. I do understand that it is not possible to fully customise the More text code as it is inherently embedded in the php, but does anyone knows what is the CSS handle by which you can customise the font and font size of the read more tags? As it is now, I like my blog's theme just that the read more tags irk me more than anything. Cheers.

  2. Just to clarify, I've tried adding a .moretext {} variable in the css along with the parameters that I would like for the moretext, but it doesn't show.


  3. actually, you'll want to use
    a.more-link {}
    in your CSS

  4. Hmm, that's new.

  5. it's theme dependent, IIRC

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