Custom Nav and Linking Issues

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    I need to link the top image graphic to the home page. What code should I use for that?

    Also, when you hover over the custom nav for the first time when the page loads, the graphic for the link disappears and then comes back and functions normally. Any ideas here?


    The blog I need help with is


    The only way I know of to do this is to create a blank PNG image with transparency that is the size of the image at the top of the blog. Then you put that into a text widget as a linked image (linked to your blog main page) and then position that text widget up and over the header image/graphic.


    can you walk me through adding the text widget. never done that before and not quite sure where to start.

    also, could you point halluke to this post and see if he can help with the second part of my first question (he helped develop that for me the first time and he may know what the issue is):




    Please see here. This is the main page for all widgets. On this page you can click the title for any widget and find a description and instructions for installing it in your sidebar. This is the entry for text widgets > This is the entry for creating link in text widgets >


    thanks! i will look into that.

    can you assist with positioning (coding) the widget so it is over the top header image in the blog? that way that image will link to the home page.

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