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    Hello there.
    I’m helping my girlfriend clean up the display of her site and didn’t realize that doesn’t offer the plugin system like

    Anyway, on my blog ( I list categories in my menu and use the custom permalinks plugin ( to tidy up the display so that it reads “”

    With the setup here for my girlfriend using (, when you click on a category in the menu the link reads””

    Essentially what we are trying to accomplish is to tidy things up and to omit the “/category/food” and simply it to just “/food”

    Anyway, small thing, but if there’s anyway around this without the use of this plugin let me know! I just like keeping the displays tidy.

    The blog I need help with is



    Unfortunately, users cannot change the category slug. It’s only available for WordPress. org users. For more info, CLICK HERE



    oops that was a wrong link …. CLICK HERE



    Oh no ! Again a wrong link. My phone is auto-correcting every time I’m embedding this link. Very sorry …. this time I’m not embedding it again >> Very Sorry for this hassle :P

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