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Custom protected post teaser

  1. I would like to make a few of my posts password protected, but I notice that the text requesting a password does not seem to be customisable. Neither "optional excert" nor "more..." does the job.

    The prompt currently reads, "This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below." I would like it to read, "The password is my last name" or something of the sort.

    I've posted about this in another thread, and have submitted a feedback form about it (I think), but haven't found a solution yet. Does anybody know if changing the password prompt is do-able yet?

  2. Interesting mod. I hope it becomes an option.


    if you had searched the forum you'd have found this. there is a workaround solution offered to solve this problem.

  4. sulz, if you read the last para, you will notice I mentioned that "I've posted about this in another thread". Note also, that although the topic is labelled as "resolved", it really isn't as the prompt line is as yet uncustomisable (and no, your suggestion of using the "more..." tag does not serve that function). The workaround suggested will work for pages, but not for posts.

    I thought it would be more appropriate to raise this as a new issue as to continue a discussion under a resolved topic seems rather pointless.

  5. point taken. but if that solution can be done for pages why not posts?

  6. Because pages are static, and posts aren't. While it is possible to put up a page that gives the password hint (and links to the hidden, private page), with posts it's rather more complicated.

    Posts appear according to a timeline, with the oldest constantly being pushed down. If I were to use the suggested method, for every protected-post I wish to put up I would have to create two posts -- the post itself, and then the "teaser text post". A bit of a hassle for both the writer and the reader, don't you think? Also a bit confusing for the latter.

    In any case, I submitted a feedback form and got a reply. This matter has been put on the requested features list.

  7. how about just tagging/categorizing the post with the password hint?

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