Custom Registration Page that I do not want on a menu

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    Hello. I am new to WordPress but I am making some good progress. I have a blog that is for members only (For a retailer association). I created a custom registration page from scratch and installed it on the root directory. I redirect non logged in users to it and it works fine. However, in order to keep the look and feel I had to copy the css (style.css) to the root directory, link directly to the header image, recreate the header text and so on. What I would like to do is create this registration page within WP framework and be able to add the main text to it, using the WP themed header and footer. When I create a New Page in the Admin window, it automatically puts it in the main navigation menu – which, of course, one would not see until they are logged it. The page that I created and works can be seen at I know what I am trying to do is relatively simple but I’m just not sure how.



    We really need the address of the blog you are asking about beginning with http

    You should also read the sticky posts at the start of the forum.

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