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    I would like to offer readers the ability of subscribing to an RSS feed of only articles in a specific category. I read the Feeds support page, so I know how the URL should include /category/ blah blah / feed.

    What I cannot figure out is the RSS Widget – it appears to be fixed to offer only full blog feed or comments feed – is there any way to edit it to offer a couple category feeds too?

    If not, if I have to make my own widget with a Text widget, can you help me with the text / code / icons I need? Tell me where to find those? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    The RSS widget not to be confused with the RSS links widget accepts the URL for any feed



    I’m sorry, I wrote it wrong, but I am in the RSS Links widget in my test ground – under “feeds to display” it drops down to three choices – Feeds / Comments / Feeds & Comments.

    I can’t seem to write in that drop down – the choices are fixed – I’m sorry, but where do I enter my custom URL? Reading the support document, it describes only those three choices, nothing about how to enter custom feed URLs like the category one. Apologies if I am being dense, but I just cannot get past the fixed choices.


    Forget the RSS Links widget.
    Use the RSS widget and the syntax I posted above please.



    Sorry. I just did that, you can see it on my blog now. For one thing it says there’s an error, but more importantly – it looks to me from the Support page RSS Links Support Pageas if that widget will display the items in the feed in the sidebar of my blog.

    What I want to do, is to give readers an RSS icon to click on to subscribe to receive only (for example) the portuguese language articles in their feed reader – right now the existing RSS subscription gives folks all articles in both English and Portuguese. Thanks



    sorry, not links, I really did mean RSS widget – the hyper link is correct – sorry!!!



    TT, I think I can solve all my problems in one swell foop: I will do the parent / child page to do the category sort as you suggested elsewhere, and on the intro text on the parent page add hyperlinks for the two language-specific-category feeds.

    Thanks very much for the help and patience with me, as always!!

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