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  1. My blog is currently using the sandbox 1.6.1. theme with custom css... I've got the RSS feed widget in the primary sidebar but was wondering if it's possible to replace the icon with a custom one (could be hosted on photobucket or something).

    Is this possible or would it be easier to try and write the HTML inside a normal text widget?

    Any suggestion would be great, thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not on the widget itself, no. You can make a text widget and put a custom RSS icon and a link to a feed in, but it won't display post titles, etc.

  3. I think it can be done - take a look at the discussion in this thread

  4. ah brilliant, thanks, I'll have a read through that and hopefully solve the problem :)

  5. Almost getting there... although that topic is now closed.

    I've managed to get as far as hiding the original icon, and managed to make the new one appear in the tittle, but I'd prefer it to be next to the feed link... fairly sure I'm using the wrong selector, any ideas?

    '#rss_links-3 img {

    .rsswidget {
    background: url( no-repeat;


  6. #rss_links-3 a {
    background: transparent url('') no-repeat;
    padding: 0 0 0 20px;
  7. ah brilliant, thanks!

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