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    I think I already know the answer, but want to confirm …

    I would like to be able to define a small number of additional styles, without having to go for a full-blown additional CSS file. I know this can be done in the <head> section of the html. What I’m guessing is that there is no way for me, as a WP user, to access this, leaving me with either purchasing the CSS add-on support, or hand-coding the elements at every occurrence.

    Do I have that right, or am I overlooking a feature of WP I haven’t yet discovered (just created my account/blog a few days ago)

    The blog I need help with is


    Probably. What are you looking to do?



    At this point I’m wanting a style for posting samples of computer code. The tag provided doesn't get what I want, and I'd like to be able to avoid having to hand-edit lengthy attribute strings throughout a posting. It seems a bit of overkill to pay for the CSS support just for this one use. I have some limited experience coding html, so while I need to brush up on it, I'm certainly not intimidated by the prospect.



    And there’s an “oopsies” in my last post .. I tried to reference a “code” tag, but used the actual tag … so you see the result of THAT! ;-)



    Have you read about the sourcecode shortcode? That might help you out without having to pay for the upgrade.



    hallluke –
    sourcecode was exactly what I was needing. In fact, I was looking at another guy’s blog earlier and really liked how we was setting of source code. I see now how he did it.

    Thank you so much for the tip.

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