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    hi there,

    I´d like to know if I can custom the text that is automatically displayed when you add the <!--more-->
    in spanish it says Continuar leyendo ->
    but I´d like it to say something different, and with no capital letters at all.

    thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is





    I do not believe this is a CSS issue. I do not believe that you can use CSS editing to insert “the more tag” so it automatically appears on your posts by CSS editing of the stylesheet.

    However, we can insert “the more tag” and vary the text one post at a time. See here please. >

    Also if you prefer to you can get support on the Spanish speaking forum. It’s here >


    thanks, that´s just what I needed to know.
    I thought it could be css, I was not shure where to ask.
    thank you again.



    CSS editing can only be used to change appearance. It cannot be used to change function. You’re welcome. :)


    ok. now I know.

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