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  1. I would like to have a simple procedure for installing a theme I've created. I do not have a web host, I only have a free blog with WordPress, and the support article I found talk about uploading the theme files in wp-content/theme via a FTP client, but I'm not sure I understand...

  2. You cannot do that with a blog hosted at We can only choose from the template options given to us, pick a theme with a customizable header or colours, like Garland, or learn CSS and buy the CSS upgrade.

    Those WordPress themes you see are for independently hosted WordPress blogs, not those here. We share our blogging software with everyone else and thus can't start just throwing our own code in there.

  3. wordpress has no creativity to it

  4. Not correct. has limitations on it; has no such limitations; quite the contrary.

  5. @mistressladyvixen: the link in your membershp thingy does not seem to be right. On the offchance that folks interested in that stuff:) are passing - you could fix it. Not that I wanted to visit you understand. :)

  6. It's blocked for me anyway. That takes some doing!

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