Custom Theme Paid-Upgrade?

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    Member has a considerable selection of themes to choose from, but the ability to add custom themes (as is possible with seems to be a much desired feature. I suppose my question is this: could the ability to add custom themes be added as a paid upgrade (like modifying the CSS is)?



    Uh, technically.

    If you have tens of thousands of hits per month you may be eligible for the VIP upgrade, which costs $600 to set up and $600 per month. It allows you to upload custom themes, run advertising, and all kinds of things regular won’t.

    Obviously, a simple install on a bog-standard web host is cheaper and more accessible.


    This is a multi-user platform, which means we all share the same underlying theme and wordpress files. That means, that any “bug” or bad code introduced by one blogger (if they were allowed to upload themes) could possibly bring down the entire service. Also, the themes here have to be modified to support the features here, and to fit within the limitations, and they also have to be tested for security issues, and any security issues have to be addressed before they are ever released here.

    Also, you would not believe the number of themes floating around out there that are full of malware and other bad things. It’s a sad state of affairs, but that is just the way it is. I spend a good bit of time cleaning up the damage done by these bad themes and plugins on self-hosted blogs.

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