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    Where can I go to find different themes or use one of my own?
    Peter Doelger


    Please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog. We can’t help without that.


    On you can only use the themes available under Appearance –> Themes. You cannot use your own theme.


    Do you think I don’t know that, thewebhostingdir?


    may be you know that.. I was just trying to give an idea to sigluvr


    @thewebhostingdir, how can you be sure they are even hosted here? Their username links to a facebook page.

    At times a full 1/3 of the posts in the forums are from people that do not even blog here, and giving an answer without knowing simply wastes time and confuses things. Once when things were really crazy I responded to 20 threads in a row that were started by people that were not hosted here, and if I had just given the answer for .COM, I would probably have been leading them astray since there are key differences in what can be done here and what can be done with a .ORG blog.


    @thewebhostingdir: Of course I understand you were only trying to help. But you should know that we don’t reply if we cannot see the blog in question. One of the reasons is what thesacredpath just explained; members must be directed to their own forum instead of getting replies here. And another reason is that often we cannot give the right solution to a problem unless we check things in the blog (for instance, in cases where we must examine the source-code, or in theme-related issues). That’s why anyone coming here with a question must learn that we need the link to their blog, and anyone wishing to help must learn to ask for that if it isn’t provided. (Plus it’s rather bad manners to override another volunteer’s response as long as the response isn’t mistaken information.)

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